Cykelhjelme som afledningsmanøvre

Fra en artikel i den britisk avis Cambridge News:

Dr. Ian Walker fra University of Bath taler ud om cykelhjelme og hvordan de er en afledningstatik i cykeldebatten.

Helmets are a “red herring” in the cycle safety debate, says a leading travel psychologist.

Speaking in Cambridge, Dr Ian Walker said arguments over whether cycle helmets save lives obscured more fundamental questions.

And he claimed his research demonstrated that motorists will drive closer to cyclists wearing helmets.

The Bath University academic, addressing members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, said: “Having thought and spoken a lot about it, I think cycle helmets are a complete red herring.

“In Britain, about 100 cyclists die each year, and, according to a recent study published in The Financial Times, helmets could prevent about 10 to 15 per cent of cyclist deaths.

“Even if helmets saved all 100 lives, it is peanuts compared to the 40,000 people who die each year from lack of exercise.

“I hate the way this issue shifts the responsibility from the driver on his phone, who has not been paying attention, to the cyclist who is hit.”

He added US data showing those wearing helmets suffered fewer head injuries than those without was misleading.

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